Healing Certifications: 
​                  Acupressure, Jin Chin Dow
                  Ermei Medical Qigong
                  Alchemical Hypnotherapy.
                  Reiki Master
                  Ordained Minister since 1994

                       Formal Teachers:
                  Peruvian Shaman Oscar Miro Quesada 

                  Hawaian Shamans Kahu John Keola Lake,
                  Serge Kahil
                  Grand Master Fu Wei Zhong. 

Since I was a little girl several Native American Shamans and wisdom keepers have worked with me from the other side. 

In 1999 I had the good fortune to be with His Holiness The Dali Lama at his home in India along with a group of healers. We each received Blessings by him. 

During the same trip I was also Blessed and given the Honor of receiving my Tibetan name by Rimpoche Lama Ji who bestowed his name to me. The female form, Lobzang Chodon, translates to "Pure Heart Light in the Darma," which is something I aspire to become through my Spiritual, Metaphysical journey.

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Elayne Whitefeather Reiner

​      Acrylic                            ​'Dropping Feathers'

"God Turns You From One Feeling To Another And Teaches By Means Of Opposites, So That You Will Have Two Wings To Fly, Not one." 


My first awareness of the Spirit world was at the age of three. I had heightened senses about people, places, and the elementals. I always spent much of my time in the crack between the worlds, it was a natural place for me to go. 
           My ancestry is European; my maternal side is Czechoslovakian, and paternal side Romanian. My paternal Grandmother, Bessie, accessed psychic information through her dream state. She was paramount to me as I intuitively knew she understood me and my world. I was devastated when my Grandmother suddenly died, I was only six years old. I have always seen, felt, and heard her with me from the Other Side which has been a saving Grace. I learned early on, there is no real death of Soul or Spirit only the vehicle which houses the physical form. I have many dear friends and family members who are on the Other Side including my father who always has my back. I am ever so grateful for their regular visitations in my life. I receive daily guidance, strength, laughter, inspiration, and comfort along with the love they have for me. Unequivocally, undeniably, their LOVE is ever present. 



Elayne Whitefeather Reiner



Elaine Reiner
aka Rev. Elayne whitefeather Reiner
multi gifted psychic medium, healer and Artist