Elaine Reiner
aka Rev. Elayne whitefeather Reiner
multi gifted psychic medium, healer and Artist

​​​​"The Breeze At Dawn Has Secret To Tell You; Don't Go Back To Sleep. People Are Going Back And Forth Across The Doorsill Where The Two Worlds Touch. The Door Is Round And Open. Don't Go Back To Sleep."
​                                                                            Rumi

​​​​Healing Sessions


My Healing abilities are cross-cultural. I draw upon Native American, Hawaiian, Peruvian, Tibetan, and Indian cultures. I utilize my psychic mediumship and healing abilities to source the nature of emotional blockages, thereby getting to the root cause. As the catalyst for your healing, I act as the conduit between the Spirit Realm and you. 

  The NEGATIVE EGO with all it's resistances and trappings, is a powerful force we all have to contend with. It's the loud voice that has a billion reasons of why you "shouldn't" do the work. Once the TRUE self identifies the trickster within, authentic healing takes places. At the core level all humans have Shame, Pain, and Fear. I am adept at finding where these wounds originated and the gift (yes, the gift) that it brings to you for your Soul's growth, purpose, and enlightenment. 

We all want to love and be loved even those who won't admit to it. Won't you love yourself enough to start unraveling all that was dumped on you? You can be FREE to live your life filled with the goodness, beauty, and truth of WHO YOU REALLY ARE.

  •   Healing Inner Child, Adolescent, Adult
  •  Release, Shame, Pain, Fear                   
  •  Connecting to your Higher Self                       
  •  Connecting to your Future Self                     
  •  Connecting to a myriad of Unseen Friends      
  •  Finding your Power Animal                           
  •  Entity Release
  •  Soul Retrieval
  •  Space clearing; home, office