​​​Readings: areas most commonly addressed, though not restricted to, are as follows -

Relationships; romance, friends, family
Spiritual guidance
Life lessons
Karmic, past life influences
Entity release,

Space clearing
Healing all levels & planes 
Channeling loved ones who have passed


​​'I See You'



Elayne Whitefeather Reiner ​©

All my readings begin with me asking you to say your name and full date of birth and age, whether in person or via phone. I ask for your date of birth because this is my entry point to go into your hall of records. Next I will ask you what you would like to address during your session. Some clients feel they are being helpful by going into the "story." I will usually interrupt at this point as it only disrupts my flow with Spirit. I prefer not having more than what I ask for. Once the information is given that is when we can go into discussion about any or all that is needed. 

        My goal is Always to provide as much clarity as I'm able to in order to assist you. If at any time the information does not make sense to you don't hesitate to speak up with a simple yes or no response. Please Do Not try to make it fit! The information may be inaccurate or ahead of the situation's timeline and can't be validated yet, or I will ask for further clarification from my guides.

        On occasion I will be cloaked or blocked from certain information that is being asked from me, spirit will simply not provide me with it for a specific reason. I trust Spirit and never ask why. I will inform my client that I'm unable to access that particular information. As a conduit for the other side I take my path of service very seriously; I will not make up something just to appease my client. It is more important to me to deliver truth with compassion and perhaps disappoint than it is to be liked. It is an honor and privilege for me to be of service to you and provide the best I have to offer. 

Elaine Reiner
aka Rev. Elayne whitefeather Reiner
multi gifted psychic medium, healer and Artist