Testimonials ~

Elayne has been a major source of wisdom and inspiration to me for several years.
Even on the day I met her, I found myself enthralled in the most profound and enlivening 
conversation for hours. Many more have followed, always leaving me with something new 
to ponder and a deep sense of gratitude, especially when Elayne offered me her support 
after a devastating loss. What makes her spiritual work so unique is the utterly genuine and 
loving nature which permeates everything she does. Elayne is for real, and so are the results 
of her work in my life.

Christoph Silber, Los Angeles, Spring 2014

I first went to Elayne for a reading when I was at a crossroads in my career. I was not sure which direction to pursue and a friend of mine recommended Elayne. Her intuitiveness was right on point. I am currently very satisfied with my career decision and I attribute this to the information revealed during the reading. I sometimes re-read the notes I took during the first reading and it always puts a smile on my face because she was amazingly accurate.

 She also helped me meet my guides. It is a fantastic feeling to know that you have a “team” of guides that are with you every step of the way as you go through life. Once I experienced this, I was blissful to know that my guides were always watching over me. 

I am grateful for Elayne's readings  and her special gift. Not only is she intuitive, but she has also immensely helped guide me on my spiritual path. I can honestly say that after each reading I feel that I am supported by the universe.


My wife & I met Elaine about 20 years ago in the Atlanta underground.  We were in Atlanta for a trade show with our business and we were doing some sightseeing that day with a couple of our employees when we came across Elaine giving readings.  We all 4 decided to get a reading just for fun.  We had no idea how it would affect us then and for the rest of our lives.

Within minutes of the first reading, we all realized this was a very serious experience.  We all got very focused and the emotions and tears started flowing.  Elaine immediately connected with each person during their reading and shared information that was very specific and known only to each person.  We were all blown away.  We were just having fun, and this turned out to affect all of us deeply and profoundly.

Over the years, we have continued the relationship remotely from where we live in St. Louis, MO over the phone and through emails.  I have always had an ability to connect to my loved one's on the other side after they have moved on from this world and Elaine has helped me with that and validated my communication with those people through periodic sessions over the phone through the years.

I have recommended Elaine to relatives and friends that I thought would be open to this kind of thing and benefit from Elaine's knowledge, skills, abilities and vast experience with activities on a higher level.  Many have had readings and gained insight and knowledge that helped them immensely.

I highly recommend periodic sessions with Elaine to open a person up to what I think is a much more important, interesting and influential part of our experience in life, death and beyond.  If you have any negative issues that you want to be freed from, if you have positive attributes that you want to enhance, if you just want to understand more about why we are here or just connect with someone on the other side, Contact Elaine.  You will be glad you did.

Sincerely and with love,

Clark Burns

Elayne is my spiritual guide with a high degree of accuracy in predicting future events and helping with decisions in my life. She balances her psychic abilities with sensitivity, spirituality and life experience. Her ability to see the future events in my life and the lives of the people that are important to me have guided through many difficult times. Her spiritual readings are enhanced by a supportive and non judgmental nature. She has been a confidence builder and in many ways has been the wind beneath my wings for over 20 years. 

Thank you,

Elaine Reiner
aka Rev. Elayne whitefeather Reiner
multi gifted psychic medium, healer and Artist

Elayne, I wanted to thank you for all your help while I was ill. I honestly don't know what I would have done without your Listening, Healing, Prayers and Guidance. You are amazing! You made such a difference in getting me through the treatments, and getting my life back on track. I am forever Grateful! You are a Gift!

With much Love,